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25" (24.5" viewable) 240Hz eSports monitor

The ViewSonic® XG2530 is an esports monitor featuring a lightning-quick native refresh rate of 240Hz and blazing-fast response time, which come together to deliver the smoothest and most fluid gameplay to date during fast-paced action scenes, letting you track, aim, and attack your target with ease, especially during tense competitive gameplay. In addition to various presets for FPS, RTS, MOBA, as well as user customizable modes, this competitive gaming monitor comes equipped with the ColorX mode preset, specially tailored to deliver the best performance for Overwatch gameplay, including the highest refresh rate, fastest response time and optimal color performance; gamers can switch on these optimized performance settings with the push of a button. The monitor also provides more finely tunable settings adjustments including, 5-levels of response time adjustment, 22-levels of black stabilization, and an array of aspect ratio configuration, giving you a moldable arsenal of customizations to fit your specific style of gameplay.


Buttery Smooth Gameplay
240Hz Native Refresh Rate

With a swift native refresh rate, the monitor delivers greater visual fluidity and awesome graphics no matter how quickly the in-game action unfolds. Say goodbye to annoying tracers and motion blur, and up you’re A-game with the smoothest visuals possible.
* PC performance must be capable of supporting 240Hz
**Recommended Graphics Cards:
Nvidia GeForce GTX980 or better
AMD Radeon RX480 or better

240HzRefresh Rate

Personalized Response to Fit Your Play Style
1ms Response Time

This monitor’s ultra-fast 1ms response time delivers smooth images without ghosting, while 5 levels of fine-tuned response give you personalized control. During fast-paced action sequences, you’ll be glad your monitor reacts as quickly as you do.

1msResponse Time

Stutter-free Gameplay
AMD FreeSync™ Technology

AMD FreeSync™ seamlessly synchronizes the frame rate output between your graphics card and monitor, eliminating the screen tearing and stuttering associated with lesser displays.
*AMD FreeSync™ technology with DisplayPort 1.2a connection port.


Customizable Display Size
ViewScale Adjustable Aspect Ratio

ViewScale allows you to change your monitor’s display size to fit your favorite setting for gaming. Choose between preset screen sizes from 17" to 24" and aspec ratio from 1:1, 4:3, 16:10, or take advantage of the ViewScale function and freely scale screen content to any custom size.


Maximum Frame Rate for Reduced Loading
Hertz Cap

A hertz controller allows you to control the monitor’s maximum frames per second. Match the monitor’s refresh rate with the frames output by the game to reduce power consumption and monitor loading.


Spot Your Opponent in the Dark
Black Stabilization – 22-Levels

Enhanced black stabilization provides high visibility and detail by brightening dark scenes in the game. Dominate your competition, even in the darkest parts of the map.

22-LevelsBlack Stabilization

Ergonomic Gaming Design
Fully Adjustable Stand

Sometimes gaming can be a marathon. This monitor’s fully adjustable stand is capable of some serious swivel, pivot, tilt, and height adjustment so you can lock in that perfect position for battle, while the headset hook keeps your headset at the ready.


Easy on the Eyes
Flicker-free Technology/Blue Light Filter

Flicker-free technology and a Blue Light Filter help eliminate eyestrain associated with extended viewing periods so you can outlast your weary eyed opponent.

Blue Light Filter

Optimized Settings for Overwatch
ColorX Mode

ColorX mode is specially designed for Overwatch, taking Overwatch gameplay features into account to deliver the optimal refresh rate, response time, and black stabilization with the push of a button.
*Overwatch is a FPS game owned by Blizzard Entertainment Inc. (“Blizzard”). Use of Overwatch herein is for demonstration only and does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement or sponsorship or authorization by Blizzard.

ColorX Mode

Versatile Connectivity

DisplayPort, HDMI inputs and USB hubs give you the freedom and flexibility to connect to your dedicated graphics card or gaming console.


Immersive Audio
Dual Speakers

Dual integrated speakers combine incredible screen performance with powerful sound, delivering full immersion when gaming without a headset.


I/O Connectors

  1. Power Connector
  2. HDMI
  3. DisplayPort
  4. USB Upstream
  5. USB 3.0 Downstream
  6. Audio



    Monitor Size : 25'' (24.5'' / 62.23cm viewable)
    Panel Technology : TN Type, a-si TFT LCD
    Resolution : 1920 x 1080
    Display Area : 543.744mm (H) x 302.616mm (V)
    Aspect Ratio : 16:9
    Brightness : 400 cd/m2 (Typ)
    Contrast Ratio : 1000:1 (Typ)
    Dynamic Contrast Ratio : 120,000,000:1
    Viewing Angle : 170° / 160° (Typ)
    Refresh Rate : 240Hz
    Response Time : GTG(AVR; Scaler OD) : 1ms (Typ)
    Backlight : 1 LED light bar
    Backlight Life : 30,000 Hrs (Min)
    Colours : 16.7M colors (RGB 8-bit)
    Colour Gamut : 72% of NTSC (Typ)
    Panel Surface : Anti-Glare type, Hard-coating (3H)
    Pixel Size : 0.2832mm (H) x 0.2802mm (V)
    Frequency : HDMI 1.4: Fh = 15 ~ 180KHz ; Fv = 24 ~ 144Hz
    HDMI 2.0: Fh = 15 ~ 255KHz ; Fv = 24 ~ 240Hz
    DisplayPort 1.2: Fh = 15 ~ 255KHz ; Fv = 24 ~ 240Hz
    Video : HDMI (v1.4) (1920 x 1080 @144Hz)
    HDMI (v2.0) (1920 x 1080 @240Hz)
    DisplayPort (v1.2) (1920 x 1080 @240Hz)
    PC : Windows 10 certified
    Mac® : Power Mac tested



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