10.1”Pen Display for Digital Handwriting / Signature and eDocs Solutions Emulate natural pen and paper interaction

The ViewSonic 10'' (10.1'' viewable) PD1010 is a lightweight pen display that features an advanced electromagnetic resonance pen (EMP) technology, making it easy to take notes, record signatures, and draw pictures directly on its 1024 x 600 resolution display.With the exclusive battery-free V Pen featuring 1024-level pen pressure sensitivity, 133 pps (point per second) tracking speed, 2048 LPI (line per inch) density, the PD1010 provides a compelling level of handwriting accuracy and control directly on screen, making it ideal for digital signature and drawing applications at hotel reception, contract completion, drafting, and many other functions. In addition to its steady, shake-free operation and its sturdy bookstand design, the PD1010 can easily set up with PC and laptop via one USB cable and it is compatible with Windows®, Mac® OS, as well as various customized digital siganture software for paper-less e-signature solution.

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Embrace innovative V Pen technology

V Pen technology is the optimum technology to offer versatile input methods. The V Pen brings the creativity to document editing and professional drawing applications. No mouse is required for navigation and operation of the system and software. The 1024 level pressure sensor on the Pen Display means every nuance of input is precisely represented on the PD1010. Working on the PD1010 is thoroughly comfortable with the light and battery-free V Pen for every writing gesture and pressure. Great masterpieces require great accuracy and the ViewSonic Pen display gives users just that.

Connect to the computer with a single USB cable

ViewSonic integrates signal input and power supply cable into one USB cable, simplifying connection of the PD1010 to the computer. Plugging in and unplugging is fast and easy, saving time and effort and reducing cabling complication. When connected to your notebook, the PD1010 provides on-the-go presentation and signature capability for business and professional graphics demos. Any task can be accomplished anywhere you go, just like with paper.


Create paperless environment for better future

PD1010 completely projects the screen from the computer, allowing any modification and new document creation to be made and signed in the PD1010. With no printout required, costs are saved and the environment protected.

Digitalize file management for higher efficiency

All documents and contracts can be saved in the computer connected to the PD1010, for convenient instant document sharing via email or data transfer. Lead time for document processing can be reduced dramatically, and digitizing documents lowers operating costs for file and graphic storage and management, boosting efficiency of archiving and retrieval. Confirmation, editing, demonstration, and sharing can all be effected with just a few clicks.


High resolution display with touch

The PD1010 is equipped with a 2048 LPI panel, providing supremely detailed images and 133 PPS high responsive handwriting on an A4 size display. The flawless display reproduces every stroke smoothly and clearly from the V pen input. The PD1010 is perfectly suited to professional designers requiring seamless transposition of hand sketching to digital media.

Support for Windows® and drawing design software

Handwriting and drawing on PD1010 is fully supported by Microsoft Office Suite, as well as Windows® 7 and Windows® 8, and Mac OS operating systems, and is fully capable of supplementing mouse function for more intuitive and versatile navigation and document editing.


Intuitive handwriting on the display for E-signature and paperless work flow

ViewSonic’s pen display adopts leading Electromagnetic Resonance Pen (EMP) technology, recreating authentic handwriting and enabling digital signatures, note taking, sketching, and drawing directly on the display. With this intuitive handwriting capability, it provides efficient e-signature solution, an eco-friendly and paperless workflow is created where no time is wasted printing, filing and storing hard copies of signatures.


Durable and Reliable Battery-free V Pen

The ViewSonic pen display features battery-free V pen and superior pen-tip material design, giving it a durable 80,000-tap lifespan, no need to worry about running out of battery while writing and battery replacement, making it the best investment of digital e-signature solution.



High Performance and e-signature precision

This technology delivers intuitive and accurate handwriting with its 1024-level pen pressure sensitivity to better render digital signatures, designs, or sketches. Its 133pps response rate instantly produces written text and drawings on the screen, without any delays or visual disconnections, and 2048 LPI density produces images with superior texture.


One-cable solution for easy set up

Premium and portable, the PD1010 comes with a simplified one-cable USB design. It uses just one USB connection for both the power and input signals, offering full connectivity to your PC or laptop. This convenient connectivity makes it perfect for portable usage and easy, clutter-free installation in any working environment.



Windows®, Mac OS compatible and support e-signature software

The ViewSonic pen display is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as various digital signature software, including Adobe Reader signature, banking, retail and other customized application, for paper-free e-signature solution.


7H glass with anti-scratch, anti-glare, and anti-fingerprint

Constructed with an edge-to-edge 7H protective glass faceplate, the ViewSonic pen display is anti-scratch, anti-glare, and anti-fingerprint coating, delivering a durable and reliable user touch experience for e-signature solution in public usages.



5mm pen hover feature keeps you on point

Leveraging its hovering capability, the V Pen is able to function up to 5 mm away from the screen. The ViewSonic pen display can sense the V Pen’s tip before it even touches the screen. Plus, it accurately reflects the exact location where the stylus touches the screen with an accuracy of ± 0.5mm.


Ergonomic design, VESA-compliance, and Kensington lock security

The PD1010 comes with ergonomic 5°, 15°, tilt adjustments to accommodate placement on low and high counters or other surfaces. It also accommodates a Kensington V pen lock for added security so that your V Pen never gets stolen or misplaced.





    Display Area : 10.1” Wide
    Optimum Resolution : 1024x600
    Brightness : 160 cd / m2
    Contrast Ratio : 500:1
    Viewing Angles : Horizontal 120° / Vertical 80°
    Response Time : 16ms
    Pixel Array : 0.2175 mm x 0.2175 mm
    Backlight : White light LED
    Frequency : Horizontal:30-48kHz, Vertical:56-70Hz
    Analog : USB x 1
    Power : Share with USB
    USB : x 1



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