19” digital pen display with advanced battery-free digital V Pen technology

The ViewSonic 19” (18.95'' viewable) PD1910 pen display supports 1440x900 high resolution and features advanced electromagnetic resonance pen (EMP) technology to deliver an intuitive, accurate and authentic handwriting experience. With leading 2048 pen pressure sensitivity, 220pps tracking speed, and 5080 line per inch density, the PD1910 allows you to accurately and naturally write, sign, or draw directly on the display. Battery-free V Pen and hover capabilityprovides user-friendly and convenient touch operation. With sturdy,ergonomic bookstand design, VGA and DVI connectivity to PCs or laptops, and Windows® 7, Windows® 8, and Mac® OS 10.5 or above compatibility, the PD1910 makes a great device to support e-signature applications and digital art drawing solutions. 

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Intuitive handwriting on the display for E-signature and paperless work flow

ViewSonic’s pen display adopts leading Electromagnetic Resonance Pen (EMP) technology, recreating authentic handwriting and enabling digital signatures, note taking, sketching, and drawing directly on the display.  With this intuitive handwriting capability, it provides efficient e-signature solution, an eco-friendly and paperless workflow is created where no time is wasted printing, filing and storing hard copies of signatures.

E-signature solution and eco-friendly paperless work flow

The PD1910 not only records and authenticates signatures, but it also stores them in readily accessible databases. With this efficient e-signature solution, an eco-friendly and paperless workflow is created where no time is wasted printing, filing, or storing signatures.


Battery-free, lightweight V pen

Effortless writing with the battery-free, lightweight V Pen With integrated electromagnetic resonance technology, the V Pen can be used to write on the pen display without requiring a battery. It’s not only battery-free, it’s also durable, with a 80,000-tap life cycle. This lightweight, battery-free pen is intuitive and easy to use – you’ll feel like you are using a regular pen!

2048-level pen pressure

Perfect digital handwriting with 2048-level pen sensitivity This display’s highly accurate 2048-level pen pressure sensitivity uses proximity – no actual pressure – to better render digital signatures, designs, or sketches. This screen also easily detects pressure from the V Pen – at any angle. Greater pen pressure results in greater line thicknesses, helping you create more unique writing and drawing styles.


5mm pen hover feature

5mm pen hover feature keeps you on-point  Leveraging its hovering touch technology, the V Pen is able to function up to 5mm away from the screen. This means the Pen Display can sense the V Pen’s tip before it even touches the screen. Plus, it accurately reflects the exact location where the stylus touches the screen with an accuracy of ± 0.5mm.

50-degree pen-tilt detection

50-degree pen-tilt detection for natural writing  In addition to its impressive pen hover feature, the Pen Display can accurately render movements from the pen at a 50-degree angle. This 50-degree detectable tilt emulates a real pen’s writing angle and varying line thicknesses to produce a more unique writing style.

DVI & D-sub inputs

DVI & D-sub Inputs for flexibility & instant sharing Equipped with DVI and D-sub inputs, ViewSonic’s Pen Display is versatile, connecting with PCs and other mobile devices for greater flexibility of use. It can immediately display the contents of documents, and allows them to be signed in real-time. This benefits businesses and design professionals by offering greater work efficiency.


220 point-per-second response rate

220 PPS response rate for more natural and accurate writing This display boasts a 220 points-per-second response rate to instantly produce written text and drawings on the screen, without any delays or visual disconnections. A 220 PPS response rate between the V Pen and sensor board better traces the pen’s movement for faster responses to the pen’s every move.

5080 LPI for better design accuracy

High 5080-LPI density for increased drawing accuracy The pen display is equipped with 5,080-line-per-inch density, allowing the electromagnetic V Pen to produce images with superior texture. Perfect for graphic design use, the V Pen can elaborate every detail on the screen, making it a useful and powerful work tool for all creative professionals.


Durable and Reliable Battery-free V Pen

The ViewSonic pen display features battery-free V pen and superior pen-tip material design, giving it a durable 80,000-tap lifespan, no need to worry about running out of battery while writing and battery replacement, making it the best investment of digital e-signature solution. 


High Performance and e-signature precision

This technology delivers intuitive and accurate handwriting with its 2048-level pen pressure sensitivity to better render digital signatures, designs, or sketches. Its 220pps response rate instantly produces written text and drawings on the screen, without any delays or visual disconnections, and 5080 LPI density produces images with superior texture.


Windows®, Mac OS compatible and support e-signature software 

The ViewSonic pen display is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as various digital signature software, including Adobe Reader signature, banking, retail and other customized application, for paper-free e-signature solution.


8H glass with anti-scratch, anti-glare, and anti-fingerprint

Constructed with an edge-to-edge 8H protective glass faceplate, the ViewSonic pen display is anti-scratch, anti-glare, and anti-fingerprint coating, delivering a durable and reliable user touch experience for e-signature solution in public usages.


Ergonomic design, VESA-compliance, and Kensington lock security

The PD1910 comes with ergonomic 35°, 79° tilt adjustments to accommodate placement on low and high counters or other surfaces. It also has a 100 x 100mm VESA-compliant mounting plate, and accommodates a Kensington V pen tether lock for added security so that your V Pen never gets stolen or misplaced.




    Display Area : 19'' (18.95'' viewable)
    Optimum Resolution : 1440 x 900, 16:10
    Brightness : 250 cd/m2
    Contrast Ratio : 1000:1
    Viewing Angles : 170°/170°
    Backlight : LED Light-Bar
    Surface Treatment : 8H tempered glass
    Video Input : D-Sub, DVI
    Technology : Electromagnetic Resonance
    Touch Pen : Battery-Free
    Digitizer Resolution : 5080LPI
    Writing Response : 220 PPS (point per second)
    Accuracy : ± 0.5mm (center), ± 2 mm (edge)
    Pressure Level : 2048 levels
    Detectable Height : 10mm above glass



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