Banking & Financial Services

ViewSonic pen display offers efficient workflows for banks and finance institutions saving your business time and money.

ViewSonic Pen Display Solutions offers an all-in-one paperless and secure workflow providing an opportunity for banks and financial institutions to make dramatic improvements in process efficiency and customer experience. With customers doing business with banks that they trust with their information, more secure methods need to be used for the authentication and security of electronic signatures. By using ViewSonic Pen Displays, the battery-free V Pen offers a paper-like writing experience for customers to sign transaction slips, mortgage loans, or credit documents. Each signature’s biometric data is encrypted and stored on a secure server keeping the customer’s information safe and secure.

How to Achieve a ROI in 4 Months

The New Digital Bank

A Successful Story – Guangdong Huaxing Bank(PDF)


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Banking & Financial Services
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POS Retail Services
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