POS Retail Services

With ViewSonic Pen Displays, retailers and service providers can easily streamline checkout and payment processes by integrating signature pads into their existing system.

We help your business go paperless, decreasing printing costs and storage fees. By saving time printing documents or credit card slips, your staff will have more time to provide better first-contact support with customers. Maintaining an eco-friendly atmosphere will help support your brand image as an environmentally conscious brand, providing excellent customer service. ViewSonic Pen Display solution is easy to integrate and set up into your pre-existing application. Each signature’s biometric data is encrypted and stored onto a secure server to ensure your customer’s information is safe. As soon as the VPen presses down onto the screen, the shape, time, speed, pen pressure of the customer’s signature are all recorded and encrypted. Choosing ViewSonic Pen Display Solution can help you make dramatic improvements in process efficiency and customer experience while keeping your customer’s information safe and secure.


Electronic signature solutions designed for each industry

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Banking & Financial Services
E-signature solutions for banks and finance institutions

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Hospitality & Travel Services
Easy check-in process and registration with e-signature solutions

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Medical and Health Services
Faster registration and consent process for medical professionals

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POS Retail Services
Quick and easy methods for retail checkout for a better customer experience

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