ViewSync WPG-300

ViewSync WPG-300

ViewSync® Wireless Presentation Gateway Dongle

The ViewSonic ViewSync® WPG-300 is a powerful and compact wireless dongle with an HDMI/MHL interface. The WPG-300 enables 1080p content from mobile devices, PCs, and laptops to be wirelessly streamed to any projector or display with an HDMI/MHL port. A free vPresenter Pro app (available for iOS and Android) offers a number of smart features including Live Cam, Live Draw, and quad split-screen functionality. Live Cam enables streaming from a mobile device’s camera directly to the projector or display. Live Draw streams the writing or drawing on a mobile device onto the projector or display in real-time. Quad split-screen functionality supports up to four connected content sources, such as smartphones, or tablets, to be simultaneously shown on a projector or display. With 802.11/b/g/n and WPA2/WPA encryption, the WPG-300 is designed with security in mind. The ViewSync® WPG-300 is the perfect solution for wireless presentations for projectors or displays.

Sophisticated wireless projection

The ViewSync® WPG-300 fits into LightStream™ PJD6 and PJD7 projectors’ HDMI/MHL compartment to enjoy cable-free projection with more flexibility and convenience. Multiple meeting presenters can connect to the same projector without swapping or moving cables.

Safe WiFi transmission

Compatible with 802.11b/g/n 2.4G WiFi, the ViewSync® WPG-300’s maximum transmitting speed is 300Mbps at 40MHz. With WPA2/WPA2-PSK and 802.1x(PEAP) security encryption, data is protected so that users can broadcast their files safely and with confidence.


Quick switch design for MHL and HDMI devices

For high-definition viewing, the ViewSync® WPG-300 provides a shared HDMI and MHL interface for connectivity to diverse receiver devices such as projectors, TVs and monitors. A user-friendly switch allows users to easily toggle between MHL and HDMI modes (HDMI mode must be with USB charging port).

Display online content from mobile devices

With the ViewSonic mobile app vPresenter Pro, mobile users can now share multimedia content or run PowerPoint presentations wirelessly from their smartphones or tablets. Without needlessly transporting PCs or notebooks, users can access cloud storage for online photo or MS Office file format viewing anywhere. vPresenter Pro is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store.


Live Cam

Allow users to cast live video streaming straight from a mobile device’s camera to the projection screen. This feature offers a fantastic way to observe immobile items. No matter in-meeting or in-class demonstrations, the real-time image is clearly displayed on the big screen.

Live Draw

Allow real-time note-taking and mark-ups on content displayed from Android or iOS devices that may be saved and updated instantly on the projection screen for effective interaction. Presenter can immediately record and share ideas while emphasizing key points with audience.


Authorized access for 8, split screen support for 4

The ViewSync® WPG-300 allows an administrator or host to easily authorize wireless connectivity for up to 8 users’ devices. Up to 4 connected content sources, such as smartphones or tablets, can be simultaneously shown on a quad split screen projection to create dynamic interaction with multiple attendees or presenters.

Air View for long distance viewing

Attendees sitting farther away from the projection screen can simultaneously view the projected images on their smartphones through the Air View function.


App – vPresenter Pro
Support ViewSonic® WPG-300 to provide real-time multi-media share

  • Media streaming for Windows/MAC/iOS/Android platforms (DLNA compatible)
  • Screen mirroring for Windows/Android platforms (Miracast compatible)
  • Host function to authorize 8 connected devices
  • Working on Windows/MAC/iOS/Android platforms for powerful features over WiFi including photo viewer, document viewer, Live Cam, Live Draw, video player, music player, web browser, cloud storage, 4 source split screen, and Air View



    WiFi Display (vPresenter Pro) : PC: i5 2.4G CPU with SandyBridge; iOS: iOS7 and above; Android: Android 4.0 and above
    Screen Mirroring : Compatible with Andorid, Windows
    Interface : Built-in 802.11 b/g/n 2T2R
    Data Transfer Speeds : 150Mbps (max) @ 20MHz 300Mbps (max) @ 40MHz
    Security/ Encryption : WPA, WPA2-PSK和80.2 1X(PEAP)




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