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ViewSonic Brings the Meeting Room into the Digital Age
10.1" ePoster + iCalendar to Present Meeting Reem Schedule
Lets you create, import, schedule and publish a wide range of digital media, mass alerts and calendar schedules to your room signs.

pdfMeeting Room Organizer Solution

Intelligent Digital Signage with Audience Analytics
Using Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) technology to refine the advertisement effectiveness
Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) technology provides a way to obtain detailed, cost-effective audience impression metrics.

pdfAnonymous Video Analytics Solution

Let Vivid 3D Wayfinderto Enhance Visitor’s Experience
No more boring 2D static floor map
3D Wayfinder is a wayfinding software and service used to help visitors to navigate in large public buildings (shopping centers, airports, train stations, hospitals, universities etc.)

pdf3D Wayfinder Solution

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